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Digital identity e-ID

Work is underway on the e-ID project, which aims to establish a system of state-recognised, electronic credentials (e-ID) and introduce the associated legislation. This is the task of the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT), along with the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ), the Federal Office of Police (fedpol) and the Digital Public Services Switzerland (DPSS).

Video title scene - "Helvetia digital - The state electronic identity".

Blog posts

Decentralised architecture.

14 June 2024

E-ID: Further clarifications on technical implementation

On 14 June, the FDJP briefed the Federal Council on the results of the informal consultation on the technical implementation of the new federal electronic identity (e-ID). In the responses received there is a clear demand for a high level of privacy protection and the possibility of using the e-ID abroad. In order to meet both requirements, the e-ID trust infrastructure must support different technologies in parallel, and for this, further clarifications are necessary. The FDJP is expected to submit a concrete proposal to the Federal Council by the end of the year.Press release

Federal Palace, population, industries and businesses as users of the trust infrastructure.

29 May 2024

Welcome note by Federal Councillor Beat Jans at the ParlDigiDinner

Speech in German only

Tangible cards transfer to digital ones on the mobile phone.

8 May 2024

Audit of the Electronic proof of identity project (e-ID)

In March 2023, the Federal Chancellery classified this as a DTI key project. For that reason, the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) has audited the project to introduce state-recognised electronic proof of identity (e-ID programme) for the first time.Audit report EFK-23256 in German, with summaries in French, Italian and English

22 November 2023


The FOJ regularly hold events to explain the e-ID. Here you will find information on upcoming and past public and private events. Would you like to invite the FOJ to present the e-ID at your place of work? Get in touch with us!

Open book with law symbol.

22 November 2023

e-ID Act

In the analogue world, you can prove your identity with your identity card, passport or foreign national identity card. With the new state-recognised identity credentials (e-ID), this will also be possible on the internet. The e-ID Act (Federal Act on Electronic Identity Credentials and Other Electronic Credentials, e-IDA) provides the legal basis for issuing the e-ID and creating the trust infrastructure required for its operation.

Modern bridge as a symbol of the trust infrastructure linking the state, people and industries and companies.

22 November 2023

Trust infrastructure also for other electronic proof

The political requirements for the e-ID are clear: the privacy of users must be as well-protected as possible. This requires the operation of an elaborate trust infrastructure. The Federal Council has decided that this trust infrastructure can be used for both the e-ID and other electronic credentials. The trust infrastructure will therefore also be made available to cantonal authorities and private individuals. For example, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), working with the Association of Road Traffic Offices (asa), is planning to offer an electronic driving licence based on the trust infrastructure. Similarly, it will be possible to obtain residence certificates, educational diplomas, membership cards etc. as electronic credentials.